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With the growth in the standard of living and increase in prices of commodities, it is a common factor to see that both the parents go to work . This has resulted in the kids being put in creches or a nanny appointed to take care of them. Parents love their kids a lot, there is no doubt about it. Parents start feeling guilty of leaving their child with a nanny or in a day care center. Also, kids being cute, parents get carried away. Since many parents had limited resources while growing up, they want to give the best to their children. The result is they start fulfilling every wish of their child. This is not a good thing.

Pampering over a period of time, results in spoiling the child. All parents want happiness for their child. Yet, they do not realize that pampering their child will not help them in growing better, till it becomes a problem which they will not be able to address. Satisfying a child’s needs is not wrong. One must just draw a line to determine if the child’s wish is a necessity or just whims.

Pampered children usually show hostile behavior. They start using bad language which is never acceptable. Parents should learn to say “NO” when it is needed. No parent wants their child hurt,so please explain to your child why his/her wish cannot be fulfilled. This will help children to understand the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, need and pleasure. Pampering a child is not bad as long as it is done in moderation.

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CBSE pre-exam counselling

The first phase of CBSE counselling will begin from Feb 01, 2011 and will continue upto April 13, 2011. This is a program designed to help students overcome their exam anxiety and examination related stress.


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When are the cbse exams ?

they are bound to start from the first week of march


National Center for Education Research & Technology is an apex body, set up by the Government of India to help the Central and State Governments on academic matters. NCERT’s main functions are to research, develop, train teachers on the teaching methods. They also draft, publish and recommend school text books in various subjects. NCERT, with the help of educationalists, researches on the various subjects and topics which would be necessary and also valuable for a student.

Central Board of Secondary Education, is yet another organization formed by the Central Govt of India, which has been a striving for the improvement of standard and quality of education. It is considered as the back bone for the education system in India. The Board primarily focuses on innovative teaching methods, evaluation reforms, skills learning and updating the teachers skills.

NCERT and CBSE, are working together in creating a curriculum which is beneficial for the student community. They are researching about the new methodology in teaching, evaluation, all in the best interests of the students. NCERT publishes books which are adopted by the State and the Central Government alike. CBSE is becoming pro-active by introducing many vocational courses. Joining hands with NCERT, CBSE gets the advise of renowned educationalists in building a better content for the subjects.

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Which is better – CBSE or ICSE Board?

With admissions for the new academic set in motion in many of the schools, there arises a dilemma if to choose a school with CBSE syllabus or ICSE. CBSE and ICSE both have their own pros. CBSE and ICSE are the 2 main Boards of education in India.

CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education. ICSE stands for Indian Certificate for Secondary Eductation.

Parents and students spend a lot of time in researching about the pros and cons of each Board. A few parameters by which one will be able to choose between CBSE and ICSE are:

  1. Language of instruction : English is the medium of instruction in ICSE schools, whereas English and Hindi both are the medium of instructions in CBSE schools.

  2. Regular and non-regular students : Only students who study in ICSE affiliated schools are eligible to appear in ICSE exams, whereas even non-regular students can appear in CBSE conducted Board exams.

  3. Recognition : CBSE is recognised by the Government of India. ICSE is not recognised by the Indian Government. CBSE has more importance in India, compared to ICSE. Students who would like to take up studies abroad later can opt for ICSE Board, as they do not need to take a bridging course.

  4. Syllabus : CBSE syllabus is brief, whereas ICSE syllabus is lengthy and elaborate. CBSE syllabus is followed by most competitive examinations – AIEEE and AIPMT in India.

  5. Assessment : CBSE has introduced grading system starting this year onwards, which ICSE may or may not follow. ICSE has more subjects compared to CBSE and therefore requires more hard work. Also, answers to questions in CBSE must be point wise.

These are a few simple points one can consider before seeking admissions in either CBSE or ICSE schools.